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Teens and Young Adults

Teens are not adults yet, but they are not children. It is an in-between place, which is a difficult place to be. It is their job to differentiate from their parents and that is hard enough. There are additional pressures to excel in school and to make friends and to have a social life. Teens struggle with their genuine concerns and feelings especially when who they are does not fit in or comply with outer expectations. Teens are challenged to navigate their time and energy constructively while still having fun, being creative and exploring their interests – the seeds of vocation. There are often extreme academic pressures, and sometimes family pressures, and peer problems which can over burden even the most earnest teen-ager. Teens often vacillate between needing parental support and pushing any help away, and they sometimes take risks and behave in ways that are alarming and infuriating. That in-between place is hard on the parents too. Psychotherapy can be a potent intervention!

Young adults leaving home for the first time often go through a transition period that is exciting and also challenging....they may feel helpless and alone or overwhelmed in college. Leaving home for the first time is naturally a confusing and strange time! In psychotherapy the teen-ager and young adult will find a safe place to dwell in some of the problems which may be hard to talk about with worried parents. Having a person to talk to who is able to listen and to invite creative ways to deal with stressful problems can be very helpful in the process of growing into adulthood.


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