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It is a goal of analysis and Jungian psychotherapy to support an engagement with the unconscious. The unconscious speaks in many ways, for example, through dreams and the imagination, somatic symptoms and sensations, emotions and life difficulties. Often what brings a person to ask for help is some kind of painful defeat -- a situation one can't will away. While it can feel difficult to reach out for help, a Jungian approach to treatment sees the defeat of the will as a meaningful opening to the unconscious. Painful symptoms get our attention, and help us to realize the need for change. Personal crisis can be a turning point in life, the pregnancy of a new life direction -- an opening to the seeds of individuation. Imagine there are seeds of your personality beneath the surface. In that sense, seeking psychotherapy is a journey into the soul, into the roots of who you are and your hidden potential.

The creative urge lives and grows like a tree in the earth from which it draws its nourishment.We would do well to think of the creative process as a living thing implanted in the human psyche.

Carl Jung





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